Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Friend Rabbit

This story, written and illustrated by Eric Rohmann, about Rabbit and Mouse is a wonderful reminder of friendship and how, as children, we loved to be around and worshiped our older brothers, sisters, cousins, neighbors, etc. The illustrations are such an integral part of the story and show the fun and excitement that Mouse gets to experience just by being part of Rabbit's life. I had older cousins and thought their lives were so much more interesting and exciting than mine. Rabbit, like any older and wiser friend, has a plan. The plan does not work as anticipated, but Mouse knows that Rabbit means well and realizes that the "trouble" they encounter is worth it because he gets to spend time with Rabbit. My Friend Rabbit could be used to introduce cause and effect and students familiar with The Napping House will appreciate the antics that lead to the tumble at the end of the book.

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