Thursday, February 26, 2009


I read this book to my third grade students. I had knowledge of Rosa Parks but didn't know much of the story behind her challenge. As I read to my students we stopped and talked about the difficulties and suffering that took place at that time in history. Of course, the students could not believe that people were treated with such disrespect or that segregation could ever have existed. We also discussed the Supreme Court ruling and its message that we are all equal under the law. I really appreciated the background information given about Mrs. Parks. Her fight for equality started on a day like any other. She was able to leave work early and planned to make a nice meatloaf dinner for her husband. The bus ride home was life-changing for Rosa and people all over the world. This truly amazing woman who said "No" took a stand for for what is right and just. Nikki Giovanni tells the story beautifully and Bryan Collier's stunning collage and watercolor illustrations are the perfect companion to her words.

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